Saving Ecuador

This organization is working alongside International Medical Corps to save as many lives as possible in the aftermath of the earthquake in Ecuador that ocurred on April 16th, 2016. 

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Day 1

Keep up with the team

The ground shook

On the evening of Saturday, April 16th the ground shook below the ecuadorian coast. An earthquake had struck, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale. Read more

Day 2


The team arrived in Manta wednesday morning. They were welcomed to the Aray family´s house were they have set up their Manabi headquarters. Read more

Day 3


Last morning the team split in two groups. Dr. Fuller, Ramon, Gustavo, and Francisco headed to look for areas in need of immediate help and to spend the day there. Read more.

Day 4

Meeting the President

After spending the night in Bahía de Caráquez, the team took off to Canoa. They found this town in shambles with improvised shelters set up everywhere. Read more.

Day 5

Busy day

The team spent the morning in Jama, where there are many medical sub centers installed. They mey with a medical brigade working for United Nations along.... Read more.

Day 6

Medical Visits

A few days after the 7.8 earthquake that shook the Ecuadorian coast, I had the opportunity to visit some of the affected areas. Read more.

Day 10

Getting organized

The last 10 days have been absolutely hard, emotional and crazy for all of us that have been part of Saving Ecuador. Read more.

Day 11


After the earthquake, Chone was left with no working hospital. What is left of the abandoned building will have to be demolished. Read more.

Day 13


Saving Ecuador has been working side by side with International Medical Corps. Our joint target is... Read more.

Day 19


Yesterday, May 4th, we visited Chone’s Temporary Hospital Napoleón Dávila Córdova.. Read more.

Day 45

Our work continues

Reflexions about our start and our misson 45 days after the earthquake.  Read more.

2 Year Anniversary


Today we remember 2 years since the earthquake shocked our country and since

then, we have rebuilt ourself in union and hope.  Read more.


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